March 27, 2012

About Acuity

Acuity Merchant Services is headquartered in Chattanooga, TN.


Realizing that the merchant services industry has evolved into more than mere credit card processing, Acuity Payment Services’ mission is to provide merchants with informative and exceptional support, along with fair pricing for accepting all forms of electronic payments (including: credit & gift card, check conversion, medical eligibility & claims processing).

The landscape of electronic payment processing for merchants is ever changing, with the advent of check conversion-guarantee coupled with the increasing demand for gift card processing, choosing the right merchant services provider is critical.  The difference is that the people behind Acuity genuinely work to educate merchants in a personable way to better “demystify” the industry, while clarifying the importance of support, pricing and technology, saving the merchant precious time and money.





Nelson Bowers: Mr. Bowers is a Principal of Presidio Strategies LLC. He also owns and operates successful automobile dealerships and collision centers in Chattanooga, Tenn. He is a successful entrepreneur from his extensive experience with the automotive retail industry. He serves as a Director of Secure EDI; LLC He is a Member of Advisory Board at Presidio Financial Partners LLP. Mr. Bowers is a graduate from University of Georgia.

Morton Center: Mr. Center is a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in the chemical industry. Having sold the manufacturing side of his company in the 1980’s, and retaining the retail end he along with his sons built a company that has sales in over 22 states.


Austin Center: Mr. Center is President of Acuity Merchant Services LLC taking control of the company in 2006; Mr. Center has expanded the business across the United States. Graduating from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Austin moved to New York City, where he worked at William Doyle Galleries, The American Craft Museum and the Children’s Museum of Arts.

Cheryl Cockrell: Mrs. Cockrell is Executive Vice President of Acuity Merchant Services LLC, responsible for customer satisfaction. Cheryl brings a decade of operational experience in the payment business serving the customers of Payment Alliance International, Payment Transaction Solutions LP and People Bank, Tupelo, MS. Mrs. Cockrell is a graduate of the University of Mississippi.

Darrin Wall: Mr. Wall is the Vice President of Sales for Acuity Merchant Services. As the VP of sales he participates with senior management in developing the strategy for the entire company and assists with sales, attends sales presentations, and helps close sales deals. Darrin works to continually improve the effectiveness of the sales organization and enhances productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction by adopting new technologies and building and maintaining Acuity’s CRM. Darrin has a technical background having three years of technology laboratory experience. Darrin graduated from the University of Tennessee- Chattanooga with a degree in Business Management.

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