March 27, 2012

Financial Institution Support

Acuity Merchant Services specializes in supporting financial institutions.

Together we design a program to meet your needs and the needs of your business customers.

  • You control the program offering
  • You choose the fee structure
  • ACUITY provides one call resolution
  • ACUITY provided the expertise and continuous training
  • ACUITY assumes liability on approved applications

Acuity gives you a broad range of options from full service to self-administered and anything in between.

Activities/Services Full Service Self Administered
Merchant Identification Financial Institution Financial Institution
Sales Calls ACUITY Financial Institution
Proposals ACUITY Financial Institution
Application Processing ACUITY Financial Institution
Merchant Training ACUITY Financial Institution
Installation ACUITY Financial Institution
On-Going Support ACUITY Financial Institution
Employee On-Going Training ACUITY ACUITY
Equipment Deployment ACUITY ACUITY

Financial Institution Program Features

  • Revenue sharing program based on Financial Institution’s cost model
  • Comprehensive electronic payment services for merchants and Financial Institutions
  • Equipment, Software and Internet solutions to meet the needs of your business customers
  • Fully integrated, end-to-end service provider
  • New PCI and PED compliant Equipment, Software and Internet processing tools for highly secure processing protection
  • Specially designed solutions for business to business, account receivable payment, retail, restaurants, lodging, mobile, internet, and card not present
  • Equipment Warranty for ALL merchants
  • New merchant setup within 3 to 5 business days
  • Trained ACUITY team members ready to assist you and your business customers
  • No Voice Mail support
  • Chargeback and Fraud Monitoring support
  • Web based management tools
  • On-going training programs for Financial Institution’s staff
  • Next business day merchant funding option

Financial Institution Program Benefits

  • Program flexibility, ability to solve 99% Financial Institution’s customer’s payment requirements
  • Pricing structure flexibility, ability to beat or meet Financial Institution’s customer’s existing payment pricing
  • Recurring fee income to the Financial Institution
  • Referral fee paid to the Financial Institution’s employees
  • Equipment support, from group purchasing to warranty and repair
  • Web based reporting tools for easy access
  • Expert personal support for your Financial institution and your customers
  • Knowledgeable resources to solve your business customer’s every electronic payment need
  • 30 day processing agreement, ACUITY has to earn your trust every month