April 23, 2012

Member Associations

Acuity Merchant Services is a great option for Member Associations or Chambers of Commerce looking to get the best pricing for their members and a revenue generating program to grow their association. Acuity is able to offer a low group rate to member associations, which otherwise would not be able to negotiate on their own.

Benefits to using Acuity Merchant Services for Member Associations:

  • Revenue Sharing Program
  • Great benefit for members
  • Great incentive to join for potential new members
  • Referral Fee Program to Chamber for each new merchant

Benefits to Members:

  • Lower Rates than the Member can get on their own
  • Interchange Plus Pricing
  • Low Equipment Prices
  • Warranty Program for all equipment used with Acuity
  • No Contracts or Cancellation Fees

Call Acuity today about a proposal for your Member Association or Chamber of Commerce. 1-866-680-6164.

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