March 26, 2015

EMV (Chip) Acceptance

EMV is a globally accepted smart chip technology payment standard established by EuroCard, MasterCard, and VISA in the early 1990s.  EMV cards come with an embedded microprocessor (chip) that provides better transaction security, card authentication and additional application capabilities not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. In 2015, if you, the merchant, do not support EMV, that liability will shift to you, the merchant.

What does this mean for you, a merchant that processes Credit Cards? As of October 1, 2015, the merchant whose POS system is not EMV-enabled has assumed full liability risk for fraudulent card-present transactions when processing chip cards on a non-EMV enabled terminal.  Therefore, counterfeit fraud losses “shift” to party who does not enable EMV if fraud would have been avoided if EMV had been used.  EMV increases security and fraud protection to reduce card present fraudulent transactions and charge-backs: reduces skimming at the point of sale, enables increased PIN use for stronger cardholder verification, and helps prevent the use of counterfeit, lost and stolen cards.

Is the current terminal you use EMV- enabled?  We have a range of solutions from easy to use terminals to full functioning POS solutions.  Acuity Merchant Services is here to work with you and to find the most cost effective way to implement EMV at your business.  Most terminals in the field can be updated with a simple low-cost solution or replaced with an EMV-compliant terminal at a low cost from Acuity Merchant Services.  Please contact us about our programs and equipment options for EMV.

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