January 16, 2013

Merchant Cash Advance

Acuity realizes that it is tough for small business’s to obtain conventional loans in the current economic environment. That is why we are now offering a new product to offer our current and future credit card processing customers that may not approve for a conventional loan. Our Merchant Cash Advance Program allows a merchant to receive a lump sum cash payment based on their credit card processing account. The amount can be up to their monthly processing volume and the approval process is a breeze.

The merchant simply signs a Merchant Cash Advance contract, agreeing to sell a portion of their future credit card sales at a discount and receive a lump sum cash payment. A specified percentage of their credit card sales are remitted to repay the Cash Advance during their standard settlement process with Acuity each day.

Merchant Cash Advance FAQ

If you are interested in this product please contact Acuity below or by calling (866) 680-6164.

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