April 8, 2015


TransArmor® Solution

Protect valuable payment card data from the moment of swipe throughout the transaction with the First Data® TransArmor® solution.

Acuity, through its processing partner First Data®, offers our merchants powerful payment card security that combines the flexibility of software or hardware based encryption with random-number tokenization technology. With the TransArmor® solution, payment card data is protected at every transaction stage- in transit, in use and at rest- reducing the risk of a data breach as well as the scope and costs of PCI Compliance.

Combines Two Layers of Powerful Payment Card Data Protection

  • Protects data in transit with state-of-the-art encryption options that secure data from the moment of swipe throughout the transaction
  • Removes data from the card data environment (CDE) after authorization by replacing it with a token or randomly generated number
    • Eliminating card data helps prevent a data breach – the best way to protect card data is not to have any at all
  • Reduces the risk of data loss, brand damage, customer confidence, financial liability and litigation due to a security breach
  • Safely stores non-sensitive tokenized card data for use in back-end business operations and customer analytics

Offers Multiple Encryption Types to Protect Merchants in any Industry

Multiple encryption options let merchants choose an encryption type based on their needs and, in many cases, use existing terminals or hardware

  • Software-based encryption provided by RSA’s Public Key Infrastructure, can be installed on terminals or PC-based POS systems, letting you add the TransArmor solution with little-to-no investment in new or upgraded hardware
  • Hardware-based, format-preserving encryption, offered on standalone andintegrated VeriFone devices, through the TransArmor solution, VeriFone edition, usually requires no software changes at the POS application level and no extra steps or training for the retailer

Helps Reduce PCI Compliance Time, Costs and Effort

Removing card data from merchant systems also removes it from PCI scope, minimizing time and resources needed to meet PCI requirements

  • Can reduce the scope of annual PCI audits by as much as 80% 1
  • Can reduce the time PCI compliance requires by as much as 50%


How does Transarmor Work?

  1. Consumer presents card to merchant
  2. Card Data is encrypted and transmitted to First Data front-end through Acuity
  3. First Data front-end decrypts the data payload
  4. Card data is sent to issuing bank for authorization and tokenized
  5. Token is paired with authorization response and sent back to the merchant
  6. Merchant stores token instead of card data in their environment and uses token for all subsequent business processes.

TransArmor® is an optional service offered by Acuity through its partnership with First Data®. Extra fees may apply.